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Tech Zone welcomes the industry to inquire into graduate availability for any openings which they may experience or anticipate experiencing in the coming months. We are always eager to help any company which desires to employ our student graduates to be in a position to do so with a minimum of inconvenience to their staffs or ours. Please call or email our facility at any time to notify us of any openings you may have or anticipate. Thank you for your interest in our services.

Tech Zone is committed to helping graduates with employment by reaching out to the industry through advertising, on the web and in local news papers. Our staff will continue to work closely with the industry and the graduate to aid in the search for job placement. The employment of HVAC for technicians continues to grow due to the retirement of existing technicians and the demand of expanding commercial and residential construction. When the economy is slowed, as it is today, the demand in the HVAC industry continues to be high because of the need for maintenance in business and housing to keep their climate controls in working order. Training at a licensed technical school increases confidence and opens the door for employment opportunities.




  • Licensed Technician:
    Continue your education in HVAC to become a licensed technician and operate your own HVAC business.

  • Service Technician:
    Continue your education as a service technician for HVAC systems on a commercial or residential level.

  • Installer:
    Continue your education to further understand the duties of an installer of air handlers and condensers on new construction and retro-fit.

  • Maintenance Worker:
    Continue your education to advance your career growth in the field of HVAC for maintenance work in the apartment and building supervisor field.

  • Electrical Technician:
    Continue your education to obtain a basic understanding of electricity for work with a licensed electrician on wiring in residential or commercial buildings for working with power companies.

  • Motors:
    Continue your education to obtain a basic understanding of motors for employment with motor shops in rewinding and rebuilding commercial motors.

  • Counter Sales:
    Continue your education to increase your working knowledge of HVAC equipment for counter sales and HVAC-R suppliers.

  • Auto Industry:
    Continue your education to increase your knowledge of automobile air conditioning compressors for employment as a service tech in the auto industry.