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September 19, 2012

After being 4 weeks in Tech-Zone I can see the difference that it made on me. This course is giving me confidence to work in the HVAC field without worries. I still have a lot to learn and can’t wait to see what Mr. Randy is going to teach us in the next 6 weeks.

Tech-Zone, in my opinion is a great school if you have an interest in the HVAC business. Randy is a great teacher. He always will teach you and explain it until you get it. It doesn’t matter if he has to spend extra time with you, because he wants you be the best technician. If you have a question he will have an answer.

I was kind of nervous at first because I thought it wasn’t going to be easy, but I as soon as I opened the door, Mrs. Judy made me feel welcome. She made the ambiance very friendly. She is a great, sweet and friendly person.

When my classes started I had a good vision of what Randy was teaching us. He made everything on the board look easy. I would recommend this HVAC school to anyone that would like to be an HVAC technician, because it not just a great school but also they have affordable prices and they full and part time classes. The part time classes are for people like me that work during the day.

Thanks, Mr. Randy and Mrs. Judy for opening this great school and for giving and opportunity to be a part of it.
– Hector Tolentino

June 26, 2012

My name is Armando Ramirez. This recommendation is about the Tech Zone HVAC-R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration School. My job consists of giving maintenance to air conditioning systems in apartments. I was learning to perform these tasks by watching my superiors work on them. So, for the following three years I continued using the same technique.

One day the company I was working for made us take a seminar at Tech Zone HVAC-R School. The main topic in this seminar was about leaks and charging an air conditioning system. The instructor of this seminar used some technical language that I had never heard before; words like: superheat, sub cooling among others. I also got to see the equipment used to teach in this school, they have units like the R-22, and the 410 A and gas furnaces just to mention some of them. I got really excited to see all of the advantages of what they had to offer, so I naturally decided to enroll in the course.

It’s been a month since I have been taking the class and during this time, I’ve realized that the way I use to fix the air conditioning was not adequate. In only a month, I’ve learned the correct strategies to charge an air conditioning implementing the superheat and sub cooling methods, as well as how to detect when the air conditioning compressor or motor is damaged.

I strongly advise all my colleagues that work in the air conditioning maintenance field to contact the Tech Zone HVAC-R School to see what it has to offer. You are not going to believe how little you are going to invest and how much you’re going to learn in return. The tuition is so affordable that you are not going to believe it!!

Good Luck!!
– Armando Ramirez

March 2017

I have recently attended tech zone, and I would recommend tech zone to anyone that is seeking not only knowledge about HVACR but also a career. From the time I called tech zone and walked in I immediately had a great feeling about my choice of attending tech zone with Randy and Judy. Mrs. Judy will make you feel right at home and answer any questions you have about the school, while Randy the professor will explain all about HVACR. I now have my HVACR technician license and my EPA which he also offers as well. Our class was an amazing one, and again would recommend this school to anyone.

–  Anthony Tsafantakis

March 2017

This is the class you need to take if you want to pursue HVAC career. The instructor is knowledgable and he really cares about the students learning. the class is always small (my class had 9 students. ) which is very nice. After graduating, you can become a registered technician! make sure to get the EPA license!

Hey tou have to start somewhere! This is a great place to start your HVAC-R career. Strongly recommended! Thank you Judy and Randy!

– Jong Kim

January 2017

If you plan on pursuing a career in HVAC-R, I challenge you to come to Tech Zone in Irving, TX. Two main reasons, it offers great training and it’s affordable. I attended this school from October 2016 to December 2016. This is a great and wonderful school to attend. Mr Randy is like the doctor of HVAC-R. This school will provide you with the knowledge and fundamentals of Heating Air Conditioning And Refrigeration.

– David Ross