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Tech Zone believes that classroom study and hands on (laboratory work) should be brought together for each subject taught so that the student learns the intricacies of the subject as he would learn them were he on the job, performing the tasks that he is studying to master. The instructor and student will apply, in the lab, the theory he has been taught as theory in his classroom study. Our classes, both hands-on and theory are designed to teach the student a basic understanding of HVAC in a way that will instill the confidence needed to perform tasks in a real world environment with a knowledge of the equipment and techniques needed to successfully complete the work. At Tech Zone the instructor will teach the importance of understanding the electrical and mechanical components of a system and how to properly charge and diagnose the system through an understanding of heat transfer, theory and the pressure/temperature relationship. Tech Zone will teach information that is useful and practical in the HVAC field.

Classes are kept small so that we can focus on each individual student.