Tech Zone HVAC-R School

The premier trade school in North Texas for learning HVAC

Tech Zone HVAC School was founded in 2011 (Irving, Texas) with the goal of making the trades accessible to the everyday person. For over a decade we have built a proven track record of success by providing a hands-on training program that is both time and cost effective for our students. We do this by eliminating the excess and focusing strictly on what our students came to learn, HVAC.

Our intensive 100 hour program allows students to graduate in as little as 2 weeks with their EPA 608 (Up to EPA Universal) certification and a strong foundation of knowledge required to excel in the HVAC industry. We provide all course required materials for in class use, including tools and books, so come as you are.

Upon completion of our program we also provide job placement assistance, putting our graduates in touch with our vast network of hiring partners. Additionally, we have job fairs at our campus once per month to assist our graduates in entering the industry.

We are licensed and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission.

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Learn Essential Skills

  • HVAC Theory

  • HVAC Electrical

  • HVAC Motors

  • Brazing
  • Metering Devices

  • Refrigerant Handling
  • Gas Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Soft Skills
  • EPA 608 Prep
  •  (Thermodynamics, Pressure/Temperature Relations)

  • (Wiring, Safeties, Diagnostics, & Measurements)

  • (Types, Components, Diagnostics)

  • (Flaring, Swaging, and Hot Work)

  • (Types, Superheat and Subcooling)
  • (Recovery, Evacuation, and Charging)
  • (Carbon-monoxide, Safeties, Diagnostics)
  • (Defrost Cycles, Reversing Valves, Wiring)
  • (Customer interaction, Communication)

  • (Small Appliance, Residential, Commercial)