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This position is responsible for learning how to understand project/service requirements such as specifications, standards, schedules, and safety. This employee participates in project/service activities on-site related to the coordination, installation, and commissioning of building automation and security management systems. This employee typically works under the daily supervision of a Senior Tech and reports to the Construction Manager.


Responsibilities Include

Assist with Control commissioning and startup of new Control Systems to ensure proper operation
Diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair Control Systems wiring, hardware, and software
Diagnose communication problems with control devices and other components
Create, load, test, and tune system databases
Install, replace, and recommission Control Systems devices, equipment, and software
Coordinate activities of subcontractors as required
Provide on-site training to customers as needed
Provides emergency and warranty services as required.
Create and maintain test records and as-built documentation
Conform to project site safety and housekeeping requirements
Assist and support in basic field startup using standard startup and checkout process
Assist senior-level technicians and/or project managers in providing input to maintain as-built markups for field-directed changes to design documentation
Assist project manager with material delivery, material logistics, and LOT management proficiency in the usage of Design 360 and Prometheus apps and any other applicable engineering tools

Recent Graduate in Engineering or similar


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